Aquaponics is the future.

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Aquaponics Designs

Living Walls - Landscapes - Ponds - Atriums - Sun Rooms - Lobbies - Vertical Growing

Any size, look, location and situation can be created into an Aquaponics system.


Aquaponics Photos

Aquaponics has no limits and can be incorporated into your original landscape, pond, atrium, sunroom, or designed to suit any project. These photos are to help guide you on what type of look you would like.


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Benefits of Aquaponics

  • Super organic
  • Grows all year long
  • Growth rate is four times faster
  • Produces large amounts of food in a small area
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Know where your vegetables and fish are coming from
  • Zero to minimal fertilization and feeding of fish
  • Can be totally self-sustainable
  • Minimal maintenance and pest problems
  • Solar – easily adaptable
  • Any worldly problems you still have food

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